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ring tree, chrysocalla and rose quartz, copper wire

Title: ring tree, chrysocalla and rose quartz, copper wire
Description: A ring tree ornament, created from semi precious gems chrysocalla and rose quartz, and copper wire twisted into a tree shape. Its wound around a wire circle and can be hung as an ornament against a wall or a dreamcatcher in a window. Its hand made, and makes a unique gift.
Size: 6inches
Format: Original artwork
Presentation: Framing not necessary
Medium: Mixed Media
Genre: Contemporary, Flowers, Sculpture, Others
Colour: Blue, copper, green, pink
Keywords: Ring tree, copper wire, ornament, unique gift, hand made in uk, dreamcatcher, chrysocalla, rose quartz, gift, present, semi-precious gems, birthday, delicate
Delivery Details: delivery to mainland uk free, postage abraod on request
Price: £40.00
Status: For Sale

Artist Information

Name: Jeannie Zelos
Acceptable Payment Methods: Paypal, direct bank transfer
Jeannie zelos

Artist Biography:

I started painting after becoming disabled around 20 years ago, thought I couldn't paint though I loved to sketch, then found it was school rubbish materials and that quality ones made a huge difference. Became addicted and painted daily for many years. Then sadly due to various health issues I haven�t painted for a few years, but an artist friend pointed me in the direction of Acrylic Pours. What fun! Its a way I can create art without the pain issue and problems I was having with conventional type of works. Its addictive, but not having everything I needed my first goes were a bit of a miss�I hate waiting so I tried substituting some of the materials, and found that even though I now have recommended things I still love to try new and different additives and see just what happens. you can see more of that on my art blog jeanniesartadventures.

Then some of the real stuff arrived, acrylic pouring medium, floetrol, denatured alcohol, and silicone so I�ve been experimenting with various different additives.I use a wide range of paints to get the colours and effects I want, along with canvasses from 6 x 6 inches up to 60 x 30 inches!

Artist News/Exhibitions:

I'm currently concentrating on a new to me way of painting, acrylic pouring, which gives fascinating but unpredictable abstract results.

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