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Pewsey Downs

Title: Pewsey Downs
Description: This was one of those misty autumn days where sun suddenly peaked out, clearing some of the mist, creating colourful patterns on the hills. I love the soft light of these days and the pastel colours. Painted on oil primed linen canvas board with brushes and palette knife using the top quality oil paints. This painting is varnished with with a retouching varnish and if desired you can have it varnished in about 4 months with the final layer of quality varnish for the best protection.
Size: 3628.30.4cm
Format: Original artwork
Presentation: Unmounted
Medium: Oil
Genre: Impressionist, Landscape
Colour: Blue, brown, multi, orange
Keywords: Pewsey, Wiltshire, hills, England, coutryside
Delivery Details: Shipping included in the price. The painting is sent in a cardboard box, tracked, within 5 days.
Price: £200.00
Status: For Sale

Artist Information

Name: Jana Forsyth
Phone: 7984668542
Acceptable Payment Methods: Paypal
Jana Forsyth

Artist Biography:

I am inspired by landscapes and nature, so beautiful, diverse, full of colours, light and shade. I want to capture the atmosphere, the emotion, the fleeting moment. Light and water fascinate me most of all, the way they interact with each other. That's why I love to paint seascapes :)

I do not have an art degree but I do have a passion and I work hard on my skills and technique. All I have learned is by experience and I am not intending to stop learning and going forward.

I grew up in Prague but I am now living in England, fascinated and inspired by the variety of landscapes on this amazing island, pursuing my dream of being an artist!

Every painting is an exciting adventure for me, with a unique feel. I vary my style a bit to achieve the atmosphere and mood that I am trying to capture, the smooth feel of the seascapes and more rough textures using palette knives when I am painting woods and hills.

I paint with oils on hardboard or canvas, depending on what texture I am trying to achieve. I prime it with several layers using quality Galleria acrylic gesso. I use the best quality oil paints only.

Most of my paintings are done in a studio but I spend a considerable amount of time absorbing the atmosphere (including rain sometimes!) and feel of the place that I want to paint, taking lots of reference pictures. Very occasionally I paint from other photos if they inspire me. I am planning to start painting outside more when I have a chance as I really love it.

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