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Dormición de la Virgen - Part 4

Title: Dormición de la Virgen - Part 4
Description: Original charcoal and chalk drawing of Dormition of the Virgin sculpture (Part 4 in the assembly of the artwork in 1934) by Damià Forment. 25cm x 20cm picture within a mounted frame. The work was conceived for the altar of Forgiveness in the old church of Sant Miquel in Barcelona. The theme of the Dormition represents the transit of Mary from her mortal state to one of glory, surrounded by the apostles who are concerned about the situation.
Size: 25cmx20cm
Format: Original artwork
Presentation: Mounted
Medium: Charcoal, Pencil
Genre: Figurative, Fine, People Portraits, Sculpture
Colour: Black, grey, monochrome, white
Keywords: Sculpture, Drawing, Contrast, Religion, alabaster, baroque, Damià Forment, Renaissance,
Delivery Details: 5 working days maximum
Price: £70.00
Status: For Sale

Artist Information

Name: Dannielle Gillard
Acceptable Payment Methods: Paypal
Dannielle Gillard

Artist Biography:

My name is Dannielle, and I'm 27.

Drawing and painting have always interested me. At school there was usually one of my paintings / drawings on display in the corridor, and drawing was a significant part of my science and architecture studies. I took particular pleasure in making sketches of religious sculptures.

However, I never pursued drawing and painting as a career. I am a full time HSQE Advisor in a company based in Nottinghamshire, so naturally never get much of a chance to focus on my artworks.

I found this website as an opportunity to share my artworks with others, in the hope that they can enjoy them as much as I do creating them.

I predominately work with charcoals and chalk, but love using oil paints when I get the time.

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